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Usually, a user needs to configure the SSL proxy on the browser settings. However, many web proxies come with SSL capabilities. This is very convenient especially for those people who are not keen on tweaking their browsers and do not have the time to learn about it. An SSL proxy's function is almost the same as a regular proxy's. They also act as an intermediary to every request that a user provides. An SSL proxy will process those requests and then forward them to the target website. After that, the proxy will deliver all the information that the client requested.


When it comes to transmissions that require SSL, the process is slightly altered. Whenever a user requests a connection to the proxy, both the user and the proxy negotiates an encryption cypher. This encryption process done by SSL is called Public Key. Besides that, SSL has a few other features. One of them is Authentication Certificates. With Authentication Certificates, it allows the proxy with SSL identify a server's identity. This will ensure the visited websites are trusted and safe.

Another use for SSL proxies is to bypass access-restricting software. To make it simple, SSL proxies can unblock certain blacklisted websites. Whether it is blocked by your internet service provider or by the network administrator governing your computer, SSL proxies can let you access those blacklisted websites.

However, it is important to note that once a particular SSL proxy gets overused or is being used by many users, the network might notice it and get it blocked too. In this case, it is best to always search for new proxies in case many people already know about the SSL proxy that you are using. You will never know when it will be blocked, so it is better to be ready when that time comes.

SSL proxies are useful. A person who might be conscious with his or her sensitive information must always use SSL proxies. There is no harm of always using one, and there are many benefits to using it. The use of SSL proxies is always applicable and beneficial. Besides, most of those SSL proxies available on the internet are free. In addition, it is easy to look for one. Just a few seconds of searching in a search engine will instantly give you a list of SSL proxies. If you are not convinced on how useful it is, try using one now.